News - 16 March 2020

A message to our patients and families regarding COVID-19 from our Managing Director

With the challenging time and changing times of our community with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, I thought it was an important time to provide our customers, patients and their families, sponsoring organisations and stakeholders with advice on what we are doing at Bounce Health Group to ensure safety to our visiting patients and our fantastic team of health professionals and administration staff.

Paul Haas

As a Sports Medicine company we are taking a very strict policy of hygiene and safety to ensure all staff and customers are as protected as possible against the risk of COVID-19.

We have taken the advice of the Australian Chief Medical Officer, the Australian Physiotherapy and Medical Associations and Department of Health and Safety to implement strict strategies and practices within our centres to ensure the health and safety of everyone who attends our facilities.

You will learn very quickly our reception staff will be screening all patients that contact our clinics over the phone and when visiting our centres with a number of questions with regards to your current health, our requirements of your hygiene practices when visiting our centres and our strategies in place to protect your health and safety against COVID-19. Our online booking platform also will be asking questions and expectations of hygiene, health and safety when attending Bounce Health Group.

Our administration and clinical staff are taking strict sanitising procedures and protocols, and we have made some changes to our room setup to ensure our equipment is routinely sanitised between each consultation.Our gymnasiums have a very strict cleaning policy with routine cleaning after each class. So if you are attending our balance and strength and conditioning classes, you can ensure the gym is a safe environment to continue your exercises.

In line with our screening practices effective as of today, we do ask that any patient that is unwell with flu like symptoms to contact our team to reschedule their appointment and visit their GP for assessment. We have also softened our cancellation policy to support patients as needed.

Bounce Health is one of the long standing businesses of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are a very close team, a wonderful team and we will ensure that your safety in paramount and our priority. As such, we encourage you to still attend for treatment so that you are still on the track to optimal health.

In these times of uncertainty, it is my job as the owner of the business to ensure we provide you with the confidence that you can attend Bounce with your health and safety as our priority, and we will do this with our very strict hygiene and health & safety practices.

If you have any questions you can contact our management team at or please call us on 1300 855 442.

Warm Regards,

Managing Director & Physiotherapist

Bounce Health Group



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