A message to our patients and families regarding COVID-19 from our Managing Director

With the challenging time and changing times of our community with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, I thought it was an important time to provide our customers, patients and their families, sponsoring organisations and stakeholders with advice on what we are doing at Bounce Health Group to ensure safety to our visiting patients and our fantastic team of health professionals and administration staff.

Paul Haas

Let's Get To The Pointe

We all know that image of a ballerina gracefully striking a pose on the tips of her toes. It looks effortless, right? Ballet is renowned for being full of grace and beauty but the strength behind each and every ballerina in order to make things look so easy is awe inspiring.

Pointe 2

Bounce Health Group supporting Gymnastics Victoria

Bounce Health Group offers a multidisciplinary team with extensive gymnastics experience. This includes Physiotherapists, Sports Doctors, Surgeons, Podiatry, Sports Psychology, Dietitian, Exercise Physiology and Myotherapy. Our staff have worked with athletes of all ages and levels from recreational to International and understand the specific needs and requirements that come with gymnastics.


Cancer Treatment - “Exercise is the best medicine”

Our Exercise Physiologists at Bounce Health Group are tertiary qualified health professionals who can help you through your cancer treatment. We believe exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients as part of their routine care.

Cancer Survivors


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